Colonial Style

  • Paneled Fireplace

    Published 03/05/13 in Houses
    Paneled Fireplace, Colonial Beach, Va.

    Dentil molding, raised paneling and the traditional palm-green color put the focus on one of the original fireplaces, now outfitted with a wood stove.   See the Image

  • Primitive Living Room

    Published 03/05/13 in Houses
    Colonial Primitive Living Room, Colonial Beach, Va

    The 2,916-square-foot residence is brimming with flawlessly restored details — hardwood floors, brick fireplaces, elegant moldings — many of which were around before Washington was born.   See the Image

  • Traditional Eat-In Kitchen

    Published 03/05/13 in Houses

    Despite its antique appearance, the home has been updated with modern systems, like the eat-in kitchen.   See the Image

  • Wide-Plank Wood Floors

    Published 03/05/13 in Houses
    Wide-Plank Wood Floors, Colonial Beach, Va.

    From this angle you can see the beautiful grain in the wide-plank floors, which run the width of the house.   See the Image

  • Colonial Plantation

    Published 03/05/13 in Houses
    Colonial Plantation

    Located on a ridge overlooking the Rappahannock River, the home's 427-acre setting abounds in history.   See the Image

  • Double Interior Chimneys

    Published 03/05/13 in Houses
    Double Interior Chimneys, Colonial Beach, Va.

    This home is unique in that it has double interior chimneys on one side and double exterior on the other.   See the Image

  • Double Exterior Chimneys

    Published 03/05/13 in Houses
    Double Exterior Chimneys, Colonial Beach, Va.

    The hipped roof, dormers and paired chimneys were common in the Southern and Middle Colonies.   See the Image

  • Colonial Style

    Published 03/05/13 in Houses
    Colonial Beach Home Exterior

    On Feb. 22, 1732, the country’s first commander-in-chief was born at Pope’s Creek Estate near present-day Colonial Beach, Va. Now known as the George Washington Birthplace National Monument, the…   See the Image

  • Grand Entry Hall

    Published 03/05/13 in Houses
    Entry Hall, Historic Home, Colonial Beach, VA

    Symmetry defines the Colonial style, played out here in the sconces, the door-flanking windows and the raised-panel wainscoting.   See the Image

  • Intricate Antique Molding

    Published 03/05/13 in Houses
    Intricate Antique Molding, Colonial Beach, Va.

    A mix of intricately embossed molding patterns adorns this restored brick fireplace.   See the Image