Colonial Style

  • Iconic Style

    Yes, we have no bananas...or pineapples. What we do have here is a $30 million mansion built by an iconic L.A. architect.   See the Gallery

  • City of Angels View

    Published 01/07/14 in Houses
    City of Angels View

    The house was situated on a hill in Bel Air to take full advantage of views that stretch all the way to downtown Los Angeles, and on a clear day, to the ocean beyond.   See the Image

  • Master Suite Deck

    Published 01/07/14 in Houses
    Master Suite Deck

    In addition to this expansive deck and outdoor fireplace, the master suite includes dual baths and walk-in closets, a gym and an office.   See the Image

  • Worth $30 Million Now?

    Published 01/07/14 in Houses
    Worth $30 Million Now?

    Now, 13 years after purchasing it, David H. Murdock, the 90-year-old billionaire head of Dole Food, has put his seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom estate on the market for $30…   See the Image

  • Worth $11 at the Turn of the Century

    Dole Food Company Chairman and CEO David H. Murdock bought this Bel Air mansion in 2001 for $11 million, from fashion designer Mossimo Giannuli and actress Lori Loughlin.   See the Image

  • Splashy Update

    Published 01/07/14 in Houses
    Splashy Update

    Of course a number of changes have been made since the estate was originally built in 1927, such as the addition of a more modern pool.   See the Image

  • Wandering Paths

    Published 01/07/14 in Houses
    Wandering Paths

    There are plenty of paths and mature foliage on the estate's 1.5 acres of manicured grounds.   See the Image

  • Classic Features Left Intact

    The brickwork, arched and paned windows and portico so typical of the  American Colonial Revival style haven't been altered.   See the Image

  • Iconic Style

    Published 01/07/14 in Houses
    Iconic Style

    If that style looks familiar, it's because this mansion was designed by Gordon B. Kaufman, the same architect who brought you the Doheny Mansion (Greystone), the Hollywood Palladium, the Los…   See the Image

  • Classic Design of the Day

    Published 01/07/14 in Houses
    Classic Design of the Day

    This American Colonial Revival-style mansion was built in the hills of Bel Air in 1927.    See the Image