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Cindy Gets "Real"
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  • Cindy Gets "Real"

    Take a tour of the Real Housewife of New York City star's West Village apartment and learn how having kids has transformed her home life.   See the Gallery

  • Eclectic Decor

    Published 03/20/13 in Celebrity
    Eclectic Decor

    When it comes to decorating her home, Cindy loves mixing old and new pieces. Throughout the home, she pairs contemporary furniture with Moroccan throw rugs, glitzy antiques and, of course, plenty…   See the Image

  • A Bright Addition

    Published 03/20/13 in Celebrity
    A Bright Addition

    Cindy says her twins keep her home life happy and inspiring. "Before that, I still lived in the same place. My kids just weren't there and it did nothing for me," she says. "It's…   See the Image

  • Cindy's Kitchen

    Published 03/20/13 in Celebrity
    Cindy's Kitchen

    Although Cindy admits she's not much of a cook, her sleek galley-style kitchen is equipped with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and stylish, frosted glass cabinets.   See the Image

  • Cindy's Closet

    Published 03/20/13 in Celebrity
    Cindy's Closet

    The master closet houses Cindy's large collection of shoes, jeans and other apparel.   See the Image

  • Cindy's Mantel Decorations

    An assortment of frames creates an interesting, eclectic appeal.   See the Image

  • Cindy's Bedroom Mantel

    Published 03/20/13 in Celebrity
    Cindy's Bedroom Mantel

    The fireplace mantel is adorned with framed photos and more psychedelic artwork.   See the Image

  • Cindy's Dresser

    Published 03/20/13 in Celebrity
    Cindy's Dresser

    Photos of the twins sit atop a glamorous mirrored dresser.   See the Image

  • Cindy's Master Bedroom

    Published 03/20/13 in Celebrity
    Cindy's Master Bedroom

    A collage of family photos covering the door creates a welcoming entrance.   See the Image

  • Cindy's Bedroom Furniture

    Like the living room, the bedroom blends contemporary furniture with vintage accent pieces.   See the Image