• Use Different Shades of Holiday Color

    Start with whatever existing palette you have in your space and add pops of 
holiday color to your decor. For a sophisticated touch, use gradations of 
that color in your space, for example,…   See the Image

  • Ornament Ornamentation

    Published 12/18/13 in Houses
    Ornament Ornamentation

    Think outside of traditional uses for ornaments. They're not just for the tree! Add them to the base of a plant, flower pot, line a fireplace mantel or place them in a bowl on the…   See the Image

  • Decorating Focus

    Published 12/18/13 in Houses
    Decorating Focus

    Start by identifying a focal point for the room: Whether it’s a fireplace, a coffee table or your favorite lounge chair, choose a piece that will draw the eye and give it a splash of Christmas.   See the Image

  • Pillows Add Pop

    Published 12/18/13 in Houses
    Pillows Add Pop

    Look for pillows in holiday colors regardless of if they have a holiday design. Throwing a red, green, or gold pillow on the couch instantly brings holiday to the home.      See the Image

  • A Little Accessorizing Goes a Long Way

    In this space, the 
touches of color came through the vases, candle holders, ornaments, and
 ribbon finish--a perfect way to add pops of color to an existing pallette.   See the Image