• Snappy Holidays: Living Room That Pops

    When you’re the go-to decorations guy for thousands of merry-makers and are inextricably connected with one of the biggest holiday events in the country, you not only have to be…   Read the Blog

  • Snappy Holidays: Living Room That Pops

    The designer who adds magic to world famous Snowflake Lane gives you tips on how to dress up your decorations in the latest, greatest looks.   See the Gallery

  • Snappy Holidays: Use Non-traditional Colors

    Holiday decorating is no longer just about red, green and candy stripes. Turquoise blues combined with magenta in place of red and lime green rather than forest green are really hot combos this year.   See the Image

  • Snappy Holidays: Whimsical Creatures

    Whimsical creatures serve as non-denominational decoration elements that everyone can appreciate, and they bring a sense of magic, fun and playfulness to the holidays, no matter the belief…   See the Image

  • Snappy Holidays: Make Everyday Accessories Festive

    Note how the orchid arrangement in the foreground, a staple in the house year-round, can be dressed up for the holidays with the addition of festive peppermint sticks.   See the Image

  • Snappy Holidays: Lime and Turquoise

    Note how the addition of turquoise and the substitution of lime green for forest green really brightens and freshens this Christmas arrangement. Christmas is all about light and laughter, according…   See the Image

  • Snappy Holidays: Living Room That Pops

    Whether his clients are business or residential, City Flowers' John Hilscher says he can always make them smile with pops of non-traditional color and a sense of whimsy and playfulness.   See the Image

  • Snappy Holidays: Reusable Light Spheres

    Investing in reusable décor is a great way to decorate on a budget and build your holiday supplies over time. Hilscher’s favorite holiday accessory is a snowflake light ball with a simple…   See the Image

  • Snappy Holidays: Christmas Float

    To add to the sustainability of your Christmas decor, take a clear glass vase, fill it partially with water and float holly, pyracantha and cranberries inside.    See the Image

  • Holiday House NYC 2014

    Published 11/20/14 in Houses
    Holiday House NYC 2014: Dining Hall (Amy Lau)

    The annual holiday showhouse features the work of two-dozen interior designers. It's open to the public through Dec. 21.   See the Gallery