• Snowflake Lane: Dancing in the Streets

    It feels like there are about 90 ladies dancing in Christmas mod costumes, right in the middle of the street that runs right through the middle of the Seattle area's Bellevue Collection.   See the Image

  • Snowflake Lane: Founder Kemper Freeman

    Snowflake Lane is a gift to the community from the Kemper Freeman Family and the Bellevue Collection. Ten years ago Freeman saw a light and music show at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, and was…   See the Image

  • Snowflake Lane: Gingerbread for Charity

    Another family event held in conjunction with Snowflake Lane is another favorite family tradition, the Kidsquest Children’s Museum Gingerbread Workshops, known as "Gingerbread Lane." The…   See the Image

  • Snowflake Lane: Frosty and the Snow Fairy

    Not everyone dances or plays and instrument on Snowflake Lane. It's the duty of some performers just to have fun with the kids who line the streets.   See the Image

  • At Gingerbread Lane, a fundraiser for the Kidsquest Children's Museum held in conjunction with Snowflake Lane, elves stock the candy bar, so the little ones will have plenty of supplies for…   See the Image

  • Snowflake Lane: Parading Down the Street

    Snowflake Lane begins with a large cadre of teenage drummers parading down the street. No only do they play, but they have choreographed moves that add to the grand spectacle.   See the Image

  • Snowflake Lane: Drummers Drumming

    Each year the musicians of Snowflake Lane go through more than 300 pairs of drumsticks. Large drumming platforms are installed on the sidewalks to line the street.   See the Image

  • Snowflake Lane: Drum Corp Rehearsal

    It's inspiring to see such a large group of teens working hard to master dance routines and drum rolls. The staging area is full of good natured excitement and engagement that some thought had been…   See the Image

  • New York's Rockettes Have Nothing on Washington's Snowflake Lane Performers

    Every night at 7:00 pm during the holiday season, the street that runs through the Bellevue Collection, a 50 acre complex that hosts retail shops, hotels, offices, residences and entertainment…   See the Image

  • The Seattle Area's Spectacular Snowflake Lane

    Snowflake Lane, the Christmas spectacular street show that runs from Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve on the streets of Bellevue, brings the holidays home for hundreds of thousands of Washington…   See the Image