Pitcher Barry Zito's Marin Estate Drops Its Price Three-Quarters of a Mil

It's been on the block for about a year, so the quirky Zen master is willing to let it go for just under $10 million. Bargain alert!

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No back-door curveballs here: Custom-mahogany doors and windows open onto a world of possibilities, including the faded shadow of a Cy Young award.

Rumor has it that pitcher Barry Zito will be leaving the two-time world-champion Giants after this season, but his Marin home has been on the market since last year and, despite San Francisco's wild real estate rally, he recently had to drop the price $720,000, for a new asking price of $9,775,000. He bought it in 2007 for $8,863,000, but one can assume he put quite a bit of work into the place, since it's really quite tasty.

Though he was born in Las Vegas and grew up in San Diego, Zito has been a fixture of the Bay Area for the last 14 years: first as an Oakland A, where he won the Cy Young Award, and then as a Giant, where he was signed in '07 for a reported $126 million. (Oh, I am so not feeling bad about that price drop right about now.) Notably, he was one of few vocal supporters who stood by Barry Bonds when he was singled out for possibly using performance-enhancing drugs. 

Zito's career has been uneven – he struggled to find his way after losing his fastball and, at first, was seen as a massive mistake by the Giants. But during the 2012 World Series, out of the clear blue sky he emerged as a heroic powerhouse without whom that second trophy would never have come home to San Francisco.

On top of that, Zito's quirky personality has made him a beloved member of a personality-filled team, known as a Zen master whose yoga practice informs his play and a surfer with a musical bent. (His dad composed for Nat King Cole and his mom was an opera singer. Oh, and his uncle was Aquaman.) He's still darn good, but not good enough to justify that salary, so the home where he was married to Miss Missouri in 2008 is likely to become more and more available as the months go by. 

As far as Marin estates go, it's your standard amazingly gorgeous manor with plenty of room for guests, cars and tiny doggies. The really jaw-dropping part is the indoor-outdoor guesthouse, with sliding doors to keep the elements out (a rare need in that sunny clime), the perfect vantage point for a gorgeous vista with all the comforts of a living room. Perfection. Take a walk through for yourself, why don'tcha, and decide which room is your fave.

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