O.J. Simpson's Miami House Sold at Auction

While Florida's homestead exemption might protect against wrongful death lawsuits, it doesn't save a home from foreclosure if you don't pay the bill.

To help pay off court costs and fees, a judge ordered O.J. Simpson's house in Kendall to be auctioned, while the controversial figure serves jail time in Nevada. 

A private online bidder bought the house for $655,000, reported Gossip Extra

The former NFL player purchased the 4,334-square-foot house in 2000 for $575,000. His house went into foreclosure once he stopped paying the mortgage in 2010. 

Simpson owes the bank almost $900,000, including four years in back taxes. The proceeds from the sale will help pay down his balance. 

In a separate court case, a judge ruled Simpson financially liable for the 1994 deaths of ex-wife Nicole Brown and family friend Ron Goldman. Although he was acquitted of the murders, he was ultimately ordered to pay $33.5 million in a wrongful death lawsuit. 

While owning property in Florida helped to shield some of his assets from the civil judgment, Simpson's home could not be saved from a foreclosure action. 

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