Live Like a Celebrity: Charlize Theron

Take a peek inside the Oscar-winning actress' coastal-chic living room and learn how to copy the look in your own home.

With a stone fireplace and an ocean-view window seat, the cozy living room in Charlize's beach pad beckons you to sit back and relax. The home's comfortable furniture and bright accessories are included in the asking price. 

South African-born actress Charlize Theron has a knack for choosing roles that earn award nominations and critical acclaim. Her career skyrocketed in the late 1990s after she starred in successful films such as The Devil's Advocate and The Cider House Rules. In 2004, Charlize won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role as serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster, which film critic Roger Ebert called "one of the greatest performances in the history of the cinema." In 2006, the actress earned a second Oscar nomination for her performance in North Country.

In addition to her great taste in movie roles, Charlize has great taste in real estate. The actress' Malibu beach house -- one of several homes she owns in the Los Angeles area -- recently sold to Glee creator Ryan Murphy for an impressive $6.5 million. The updated home features a covered lanai, a sun-drenched master bedroom and a cozy living room filled with eclectic, colorful and inviting decor.

While the actress' former home is located on Malibu's private La Costa Beach, you don't have to live by the ocean to create a charming coastal look in your home. Read on for tips on copying the look of Charlize Theron's living room in your own abode.

Pops of Color
A foolproof way to create a coastal look in your living room: Pair whitewashed walls with comfy white furniture and brighten up the space with colorful accessories. Charlize's living room features shades of purple and lime-green, but sea-inspired colors like blue, green and coral are classic choices.

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Eye-Catching Stripes
A common element in coastal and nautical-themed rooms, stripes bring energy to this otherwise subdued space. Incorporating stripes in your living room with a few pillows, a rug or even a piece of upholstered furniture will add plenty of seaworthy style. For an extra-bold look, try painting stripes on an accent wall.

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Emphasis on Comfort
In a beach-inspired living room, the last thing you want is stiff, formal furniture that's too fancy to sit on. Start with comfortable, clean-lined chairs and couches in sturdy fabrics such as linen. If your home is actually located near the ocean, washable slipcovers are a great investment for those times when sand and saltwater inevitably dirty your furniture. Add lots of colorful throw pillows to complete the inviting atmosphere.

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Natural Accents
Wood-paneled walls, a stone fireplace surround and matchstick blinds connect this room with its beautiful surroundings. Think organic and textured when selecting your living room decor: woven rugs, a rough-hewn wood table or grass-cloth wallpaper are great choices. For a more obvious beach motif, try incorporating pieces that remind you of the ocean, such as lamps with driftwood bases, vases filled with sea glass or picture frames embellished with seashells.

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Inviting Nooks
This living room's window seat begs you to curl up with a book, while the benches flanking the fireplace are perfect for warming up from the cool ocean air. If you have a window seat, add a thick cushion and plenty of throw pillows to enhance its comfort. If you don't have a window seat, you can mimic the look of one by placing a bench in front of a large window.

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