Live Like a Celebrity: Andie MacDowell

If the actress' gorgeous kitchen with Tudor influences appeals to you, here are some tips for replicating the look in your own home.

Andie MacDowell's dramatic and comedic talents have earned her rave reviews in box-office hits like Groundhog Day and Four Weddings and a Funeral. Her role as a repressed young wife in Sex, Lies, and Videotape garnered her an Independent Spirit Award, the Los Angeles Film Critics Award for Best Actress and her first Golden Globe nomination.

The South Carolina native stayed fairly close to home when she built this Tudor-style residence for herself in 2002, set in the prestigious community of Biltmore Forest, N.C. While Andie sold the home in 2012, the longtime spokesperson for L'Oreal clearly loves meticulous craftsmanship and the colors of nature, as evidenced by the home's elegant kitchen.

Here's how you can bring elements of Andie MacDowell's culinary fashion into your abode:

Custom Cabinetry

The pine and cypress cabinetry in this kitchen offers lots of built-in storage space and brings a warm, elegant feel to the room. Whether your taste in wood is dark and dramatic or light and eco-conscious, doors and drawer fronts will be your greatest expense, so design your custom cabinetry to optimize the available space.

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Subtle Treatments

Window treatments for the kitchen can run the gamut from paper-thin shades to wooden shutters. In Andie's kitchen, the subtle fabric covering frames a forest view that echoes the colors in the room. If you want this minimalist look, a flap valance can give the hint of a curtain that never drops. Since the kitchen is full of straight lines from the countertops to cabinets, one way to add texture to the room is by using window treatments with curves, such as Roman shades.

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Dramatic Islands

An attractive island serves as a unique focal point for the kitchen. Whether this feature is designed to provide additional workspace or to offer friends and family a place to sit and converse with the cook, islands are a great way to encourage gatherings in the kitchen. In this kitchen, the wooden island is both decorative and functional, offering workspace and built-in cabinetry for storage.

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Colorful Backsplashes

Adding a touch of color to accent the woodwork in your kitchen can be easily achieved with the right backsplash. Whether it's multicolored tiles in earth tones or a country red in eco-friendly glass, this design element should complement the grain of your wood. In Andie's kitchen, the solid green backsplash draws an interesting contrast between the cool, contemporary chrome of the range hood and the warm, old-fashioned wood cabinets.

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Accent Lighting

When it comes to choosing light fixtures for the kitchen, different types are needed for different areas. To create a warm, inviting room, try to stay away from the glare of a central overhead fixture. Instead, look for lights that are bright enough to cook by, while creating an ambiance that welcomes guests. In this kitchen, the whimsical medieval chandelier that hangs over the dining table is a fun accent piece that picks up on the Tudor-style feel of the space.

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