Jimmy Buffett's Neighborhood in Palm Beach

Did you know that singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett now owns three homes in Palm Beach? Maybe he'll use the home he just purchased to house his surfboard collection.

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In 2002 the "Margaritaville" mogul purchased a home for $802,000 in the neighborhood located just north of one of Florida's most luxurious resorts, The Breakers Palm Beach. Then this year he bought the house across the street for $1.3 million. The new 3,000-square-foot home has four bedrooms and 3.5 baths. Plenty of space for, well, surfboards? 

“Rumor has it that he bought the home just to store his surfboards," reported Redfin.com. "We can’t confirm one way or another, but it’s certainly not the most expensive home in his real estate portfolio.”

Want to be Jimmy Buffett's neighbor? There's a two-bedroom, 900-square-foot cottage available down the street. Listed by Golden Bear Realty, the home can be yours for $799,000.

About the House

  • Location: 149 Root Trail, Palm Beach, Fla.
  • Listed By: Golden Bear Realty, LLC
  • Price: $799,000

Located a little farther down the road is his priciest pad. It's an island contemporary-style home that the king of the "parrot heads" bought for almost $5 million in 2011. This property is located north of the Palm Beach Country Club and features mahogany-framed glass doors that open to an outdoor living space reminiscent of a tropical resort.

The value of the three houses he currently owns totals just over $7 million, which is nowhere close to the money he made on the home he sold on Ocean Boulevard in 2010. He pocketed $18.5 million after the sale of the 11,500-square-foot mansion. 

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