iHouse: Steve Wozniak's Postmodern Playground

The co-founder of Apple Computers sells another creation: a home that's impressive to grownups, but really functions as a children's paradise.

Steve Wozniak photo by: Alan Luckow
House photo courtesy of Arthur Sharif
With some 3,000 square feet of deck overlooking all of Silicon Valley, Steve Wozniak's former home was, of course, perfect for cocktail parties. But below the surface lurks the ultimate kids' uber-playroom.

Nerd hero Steve Wozniak created Apple Computers with Steve Jobs in the 1970s, so he is pretty much the emperor of Silicon Valley. From 1986 until 2006 he lived in a home that he regularly upgraded (you know, just like your MacBook updates its OS) until it was the perfect paradise.

Funny thing about perfect paradises: They often seem, to the outsider, kind of cold and formal. But the house of Woz is anything but. He's irresistibly endearing — he was all kinds of game on Dancing with the Stars, and you kind of have to love a guy who spots Kathy Griffin doing standup, launches into a relationship with her and then turns up on her silly reality show just for funzies. And his house matches his personality.  

Described as "eternally optimistic," "an irrepressible prankster" who met his first wife when she called his dial-a-joke line and "uniquely undriven," Woz (as he's known among friends and admirers) famously left Apple Computers to become a schoolteacher. He taught computer science to kids in the Los Gatos area, sometimes hosting classes in this home, and paid for computers for the district. He also created several more billion-dollar companies and became a major philanthropist — and a Segway polo enthusiast.

There are a lot of great things about this house — the six bedrooms and eight bathrooms, the decked-out kitchen, the flow, the entertainment deck with colossal views — but just as Woz is a big teddy bear, his home is equally kid friendly. He created a haven for his three kids (now all grown), including the kinds of details we often fantasized about as kids but rarely follow up on as adults. It's actually a paradise for kids and fun-loving adults, and should be snapped up soon by a prosperous parent.

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