Christian Slater Buys Coconut Grove House for $2.2 Million

Christian Slater, an actor whose film and television credits span multiple decades, has purchased an Italian villa in an eclectic Miami neighborhood.

Photo By: Zillow People Magazine reports that Christian Slater and his fiancée are planning a backyard wedding in July.

The actor and his beautiful fiancée, Brittany Lopez, picked out a stunning two-story home, just down the street from Miami Heat superstar, LeBron James. Slater is living in Miami, but traveling back and forth to Chicago while shooting the new ABC television series, Mind Games.

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Christian Slater
  • Bought By: Christian Slater
  • Represented By: Taylor Corey with Coldwell Banker
  • Price: $2.2 Million
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So, how is wedding planning going for the couple? 

"It's going as smooth as it can go. I mean, right now we're moving into a house. I live in Miami now and, of course, [Mind Games] shoots in Chicago, which is very cold, so now that my blood has appropriately thinned out I'm sure this will run for eight years," he joked to People Magazine. "Yeah, that will be the irony of it all." 

Whenever he is in town, Slater will enjoy his new home’s fabulous amenities, including a gorgeous pool, lushly landscaped backyard and a misted patio area.

The four-bedroom home previously sold in 2011 for $1.8 million, while Slater scooped up the 1928 gem for $2.2 million. Taylor Corey with Coldwell Banker represented him in the transaction.

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