Celebrities Peruse Cool Home Products at the Emmy Awards Giving Suite

Photo by: J. Emilio Flores & Adrian Sidney/Invision for Backstage Creations/AP Images Behind the Candelabra star Michael Douglas lounges on the sofa at the 65th Emmy Awards Giving Suite. The event was designed by HGTV Design Star season two fan favorite Josh Johnson.

Award season has started, and already Hollywood is seeing an increasing number of parties and swag gifting suites. Not surprisingly, home-related products continue to be highly sought after by celebrities who attend.

"I feel that gifts given at these types of lounges are starting to focus more on items for the home because we’re reaching a stage where we like to have a glamorous touch but still be practical,” said Project Green Music Lounge founder and executive producer Kim Kreiss. “We have showcased Olympic's low-voc paint and used green flooring by Forbo. Either make great sustainable ideas for an eco-friendly home.  Flashy gifts are always fun, but to have something that is not only cool but can help enhance your daily life."

“With all the great reality shows on home improvement and design these days, we thought it would be fun to focus on celebrities' homes as a theme this year,” said Karen Wood, president of Backstage Creations, whose gifting suite is the official “giving suite” backstage at the Emmys.

Photo by: J. Emilio Flores & Adrian Sidney/Invision for Backstage Creations/AP Images Actor Shemar Moore enjoys a snack – served in a chip and dip bowl by Nambe – at the 65th Emmy Awards Giving Suite.

“This is why we brought in WETSTYLE to showcase gorgeous bath products, and giving the celebrities a chance to win a luxurious tub is a unique feature of our Giving Suite. We also focused on fabulous items like Nambe's chip and dip bowls and Marchesa by Lenox’s stunning frames, vases and champagne flutes. Our designer for this room is HGTV Design Star season 2 fan favorite, Josh Johnson, who has his own experiences with designing for television.”

Noted Johnson:  “Because this is a huge event, we really wanted to dress this room up. There is a strong design element and the luxurious lounge needs to look beautiful. The lighting, the florals, the furnishings, the floorings — it all has to look perfect.” Johnson picked a really neutral but metallic palette, “bouncing a lot of champagnes and silvers, more of those taupe tones that really lend themselves to blend well. This gives the room an elegant, evening feel – very much like a mini green room.”

Attendees were treated to an array of luxury goods and helped earned funds toward a $150,000 donation to the Television Academy Foundation – for every celebrity that attended the Giving Suite, a donation was made on their behalf to the charity.

Photos by: Adrian Sidney/Invision for Backstage Creations/AP Images Tony Hale draws a bubble from the limited-edition Couture bathtub for the chance to win one of several WETSTYLE bath pieces at the Backstage Creations Giving Suite™ during the 65th Emmy Awards.

WETSTYLE actually showcased its limited-edition Couture Collection deep soaking tub. Each celebrity guest was eligible for a chance to win additional sinks and accessory offerings. Emmy winner Tony Hale, who stars on HBO’s Veep, decided to let his trophy take a “dip” in the bathtub – it turned out to be good luck, as he won twice in one night, selecting the winning bubble for a Couture towel rack from the WETSTYLE game.

Photo by: J. Emilio Flores & Adrian Sidney/Invision for Backstage Creations/AP Images Actor Dean Norris offers a treat to the Zoomer interactive robotic dog at the 65th Emmy Awards Giving Suite.

Dean Norris, who stars on both Breaking Bad and Under the Dome, was thrilled to find the robotic Zoomer pet dog at the suite. “Anything that I can bring home to my kids to play with in their room makes me happy. I loved to be able to hang out with them there. They went insane for this the moment I walked in the door!” Norris’ favorite room in his house? “The office! Because I can lock the door!” he quipped.

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