• Marilyn Monroe's Cabin at Cal-Neva Resort in Crystal Bay, Nev.

    Visit Cabin #3 where Marilyn used to stay and happened to be a week before her death. While you can't go inside unless you book the room, it's a special piece of history for those intrigued.   See the Image

  • Exterior of a Montana home.

    Join the simple life in this picturesque mountain home.   See the Gallery

  • Mountain view from a Montana home.

    The peaceful and quiet view includes mountaintops, wildflowers, huckleberries to pick and various wildlife. The long, sunny days are perfect for taking long walks or hikes. See the listing on Zillow.   See the Image

  • Rustic living room in a Montana mountain home.

    Wide wood-planked floors give the living room rustic appeal. See the listing on Zillow.   See the Image

  • Farmhouse and rustic kitchen in a Montana home.

    True to its farmhouse vibe, the kitchen relies on cream tile flooring and light wood choices to complement the room's natural beauty. See the listing on Zillow.   See the Image

  • Exterior of a Montana home.

    Set 162 mountaintop acres with views of the Potomac Valley, this property may be the best kept secret in Montana. The cabin-style home – complete with three bedrooms and two bathrooms – is surrounded…   See the Image

  • View from a Montana mountain home.

    There are thousands of acres behind this property that will ensure privacy and plenty of land to use. There are many reasons to love living at this property, including the stunning view. See the…   See the Image

  • Traditional rustic bedroom in a Montana home.

    An antique stove sits in the corner of this rustic bedroom, complete with light wood flooring. See the listing on Zillow.   See the Image

  • Exterior and front porch of tiny cabin in Dover, Ark.

    Dollhouse or hunting cabin? With just 128 square feet of space, this home makes the most of every inch.   See the Gallery

  • Exterior of a historic cabin in Boulder, Colo.

    Rough it in this charming 1900 cabin on a sunny elevated lot overlooking the town of Gold Hill.   See the Gallery