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  • Sign Of The Times

    Unless you've been living under a rock (in which case you should be advised – it's probably a very expensive rock), you're aware that the San Francisco Bay Area is in the throes of a full-on…   Read the Article

  • Stylists Want A Hip Home

    Published 11/05/13 in Real Estate

    David and Ana Maria are searching for a historic home with cool touches.   Watch the Video

  • California Dreaming

    Published 11/05/13 in Real Estate

    Buying a home in Manhattan Beach, CA isn't easy for a picky Florida couple.   Watch the Video

  • Megan is looking for her first home in Boulder, CO.   Watch the Video

  • A single girl searches for a spacious home in Orlando.   Watch the Video

  • 23 Downing Street-Test Driving Homes

    You've seen dozens of homes. You've whittled the list down. You think this home could be the one — and yet, you still need a little bit more information to decide if it's the right fit. To help…   Read the Article

  • 839 E Drexel Facade Hyde Park

    Published 11/02/13 in Houses

    839 E. Drexel Sq. The lovely facade of this 3-flat graystone caught our eye. There's seven bedrooms in this 1892 building, a potential income stream if you wanted to go the landlord route. Or,…   See the Image

  • 5478 S Greenwood Ave Hyde Park

    Published 11/02/13 in Houses

    5478 Greenwood Ave. This 1875 dazzler is actually bigger than it looks from this backyard angle. The 5-bedroom, 3-bath has 3,300 square feet to vamp in, just across the street from the…   See the Image

  • 5447 S Ridgewood Ct Hyde Park

    Published 11/02/13 in Houses

    5447 S. Ridgewood Ct. Love the modern approach. Built in 2007, the 5-bed, 4.2-bath spacious row house bit us with its sweet Brazilian cherry hardwood floors, 42-inch kitchen cabinets and a…   See the Image

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