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  • This angle of the second floor stair landing resembles a wooden harp, doesn't it? And once again, note the built-in window seating and beautiful art glass windows. Wright's designs made even the…   See the Image

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  • Model of the Dunberry Modern Family Room. Existing floor plans are often used to jump start a collaboration, says Meritus' Brian Brunhofer. “What we try to do is provide people with a starting point.…   See the Image

  • With a median home sale price of about $220,000 Marietta, Ga. is an affordable Atlanta bedroom community. If you're looking to make this city of 67,000 your home address, you have a lot of…   Read the Article

  • Facebook CEO Adjusts His Privacy Settings

    It's fashionable these days to act all hatey about Facebook, usually in one's Facebook update, but let's face it: It's reached full saturation in our shared culture at this point, for better or…   Read the Article

  • City View: Trump Tower Chicago Penthouse

    Chicago, like the rest of the country, has been riding a rebounding, upward trend on home values, a long-awaited respite from a brooding market that evaporated equity and value after the scary 2008…   Read the Article

  • Sign Of The Times

    Unless you've been living under a rock (in which case you should be advised – it's probably a very expensive rock), you're aware that the San Francisco Bay Area is in the throes of a full-on…   Read the Article

  • David and Ana Maria are searching for a historic home with cool touches.   Watch the Video

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