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  • Kitchen of David Adler French Masterpiece

    Originally designed for the house staff, this updated kitchen still retains Adler's space aesthetic. One of the unusual design aspects of this home was creating the impression of…   See the Image

  • Front view of the Carolyn Morse Ely estate: Adler was one of the most influential men and architects of his generation whose work has become as prized as other name-brand titans in the Chicago…   See the Image

  • This foyer doubles as a formal receiving room and showcases Adler’s star-patterned floor -- a signature of his homes. The current owners have been loving ambassadors and many of the original…   See the Image

  • Family Room of David Adler French Masterpiece

    "Lanterne" means a building you can see through, exemplified by this corner family room with floor-to-ceiling windows in this winter scene. In the '20s, a variety of these spaces were designated for…   See the Image

  • Berkeley 4-Bedroom Victorian

    Buying a new home, especially in a competitive market where you need your money to go as far as it can, leads to some pretty nerve-racking internal calculations. In an ideal world you would shop…   Read the Article

  • Noe Valley 2-Bedroom Home

    Published 07/18/13 in Real Estate
    Noe Valley 2-Bedroom Home

    Did this home sell for 77% over the asking price? Well, no. But when this was erroneously reported, people were all too ready to believe it.    See the Image

  • New York 35XV Condo Rendering

    It happened before the housing market crash, and now it's happening again: Buyers are snapping up new condos before construction is even finished. According to the Wall Street Journal, the…   Read the Article

  • New York 35XV Condo Rendering

    The residences at Chelsea's 35XV won't be completed until 2014, but 24 of the 55 units have already gone under contract, according to the building's website.   See the Image

  • Front View of Divine Riverwoods Home From Wright's Last Apprentice

    When talking about this complex beauty, name-dropping is perfectly acceptable. Frank Lloyd Wright’s talented apprentice, Arthur Dennis Stevens, echoes the iconic master’s angular play of light,…   Read the Article

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