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  • We want to invite Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to a cozy holiday dinner in this room with touches of theatricality (those drapes) and soothing brandy-colored scheme.    See the Image

  • Mortgage Signing

    While more and more straight couples are opting to live together without a marriage license, recent Supreme Court decisions have enabled LGBT couples to tie the knot, and increasing numbers are…   Read the Article

  • Ferris Bueller Highland Park House

    The Ferris Bueller Highland Park house hasn't found a buyer yet. Fans recall the tragicomic scene of a classic Ferrari zooming through plate-glass windows, crashing into the ravine.   See the Image

  • Ferris Bueller Highland Park House

    Shot in one week around the Windy City on a skinny $5.8 million budget, Ferris Bueller's Day Off made Matthew Broderick a household name in the summer of 1986. It still sparks and roars…   Read the Article

  • Ellison Bay Manor Exterior Path

    Published 07/31/13 in Houses
    Ellison Bay Manor Exterior Path

    It's like a dream from the French countryside. The manor has several waterfalls on the grounds, including one connecting to the 14-person whirlpool.  There are a total of 80…   See the Image

  • Ellison Bay Manor Breakfast Room

    The manor has sumptuous views. It sits on a bluff overlooking Green Bay and has a private beach. Here in the breakfast room is the marvelous Jerusalem Quarry Stone flooring. We hardly…   See the Image

  • Frank Lloyd Wright's Classic Henderson House on the market

    The Henderson House is classic Wright and the predecessor of the Prairie home that would become his signature and dot Chicago’s suburban landscape. Between 1900 and 1909 Wright's firm built…   Read the Article

  • David Adler (1882-1949) has been re-discovered. He lived and worked during an explosive, creative tide that bridged the industrial age of the late 19th century to the tech of the mid-20th, an era…   Read the Article

  • Summer Garden of David Adler French Masterpiece

    Most of Adler's homes are designed with access to patios, porches, terraces and views from the common rooms. His outdoor spaces are frequently accented with urns, statues, and odd bits of garden…   See the Image

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