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  • 1. Los Angeles

    Published 01/17/14 in Houses
    1. Los Angeles

    Although the Los Angeles area is searched more often than any other market on the ZipRealty site, it's also one of the most expensive. The listing price for this five-bedroom, five-bath home in…   See the Image

  • 6. Dallas

    Published 01/17/14 in Houses
    6. Dallas

    There's high interest in the Dallas real estate market, according to ZipRealty. This two-bedroom, 2.5-bath, 2,741-square-foot condo in the downtown area is on the market for $1,790,000.   See the Image

  • 4. Chicago

    Published 01/17/14 in Houses
    4. Chicago

    Demand for homes in the Chicago area is also increasing, according to ZipRealty. This three-bedroom, two-bath home in Cresthill has a very reasonable listing price of only $174,500.   See the Image

  • 3. Boston

    Published 01/17/14 in Houses
    3. Boston

    The Boston area has had a resurgence in tech jobs as well, and the home prices outside of the city are relatively reasonable. This three-bedroom, 2.5-bath, 1,900-square-foot home in Bridgewater is on…   See the Image

  • 7. Atlanta

    Published 01/17/14 in Houses
    7. Atlanta

    Residential real estate in the Atlanta area is also experiencing a bit of a boom. Still, this large, nine-bedroom, eight-bath house in the DeKalb County School District is listed for $630,000.   See the Image

  • Ornate Inside and Out

    It stands to reason that the entertainment capital of the world would also be the country’s biggest party city. That's according to a recent study done by that examined property…   Read the Article

  • Ornate Inside and Out

    A Zip Realty study shows L.A. has more home listings that emphasize great entertaining potential, than any other market. These houses are generally bigger and more expensive.   See the Gallery

  • Even Small Spaces Can Be Entertaining

    Entertaining is also possible in smaller, more affordable spaces, such as this lovely midcentury condo in Hollywood. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom property features an open plan and other great…   See the Image

  • An Orange County Backyard "Perfect for Entertaining"

    Orange County was number 11 on Zip Realty's list of markets most that most frequently describe listings by their entertainment potential. At just over $800K, this four-bedroom, MIssion Viejo property…   See the Image

  • Full Bar = Perfect for Entertaining

    This comfy den/family room with a full bar makes this home, in the hills overlooking the Sunset Strip and formerly owned by silent film star Barbara La Marr, "perfect for entertaining," and…   See the Image

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