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    While this home's three stories offer spectacular views, those views come with a price. So many stairs could be tough for toddlers and the parents who schlep them. Yes, there is a dumbwaiter-type…   See the Image

  • Celebrity House Hunter: Dr. Sam Saleh

    Beverly Hills dentist to the stars Doctor Sam Saleh is in the market for a new home. The cosmetic dentistry specialist from London got blissfully married two years ago, now has a toddler and another…   See the Image

  • A Luxury Estate Manager's Many Tasks: Real Estate Expert

    Sometimes Estate Managers will be sent to check out properties in advance, so the client doesn't have to schlep all over the area looking for a new home or vacation property to buy. Although the…   See the Image

  • What's one of the biggest perks you get when you play for the Miami Heat? Living in Miami, of course! NBA Player Luol Deng didn't waste any time finding new digs in South Florida. With previous…   Read the Blog

  • Diana Peterson has a matter-of-fact tone and unflinching opinion about why last year’s high-octane rollout for the auction of Michael Jordan’s $29 million, 56,000-square-foot Highland Park…   Read the Blog

  • AuctionWorks is at the top of the luxury auction trend, where buyers bid live online for high-end, multi-million dollar properties in some of Chicago's prime neighborhoods.   See the Gallery

  • "There has never been a residence of this significance on the [Chicago] market," claims the promotion material. Proclamations such as these poke a skeptical bear. Is this an attempt at some…   Read the Blog

  • Sitting on five city lots on Burling Street, this Lincoln Park estate is located on one of the most expensive blocks in Chicago and just broke the record for the priciest single family home in the…   See the Gallery

  • The Chicago luxury scene has a bad rap. Unlike our jealous Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York coastal sisters, when people say "luxury city" they don't dream of the Windy One. They…   Read the Blog

  • 109 E. Bellevue. This 4-bedroom, 4-bath, 1990s Gold Coast renovation listed shy of $3 million dollars of luxury. Built in 1881, the gorgeous oak floors, requisite granite counter tops and maple…   See the Image

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