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Homebuying Tips for Single Women: Understand Home Warranties
Homebuying Tips for Single Women: Don't Let Others Dissuade You
Homebuying Tips for Single Women: Don't Push Your Limits
  • What's one of the biggest perks you get when you play for the Miami Heat? Living in Miami, of course! NBA Player Luol Deng didn't waste any time finding new digs in South Florida. With previous…   Read the Blog

  • Diana Peterson has a matter-of-fact tone and unflinching opinion about why last year’s high-octane rollout for the auction of Michael Jordan’s $29 million, 56,000-square-foot Highland Park…   Read the Blog

  • AuctionWorks is at the top of the luxury auction trend, where buyers bid live online for high-end, multi-million dollar properties in some of Chicago's prime neighborhoods.   See the Gallery

  • "There has never been a residence of this significance on the [Chicago] market," claims the promotion material. Proclamations such as these poke a skeptical bear. Is this an attempt at some…   Read the Blog

  • Sitting on five city lots on Burling Street, this Lincoln Park estate is located on one of the most expensive blocks in Chicago and just broke the record for the priciest single family home in the…   See the Gallery

  • The Chicago luxury scene has a bad rap. Unlike our jealous Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York coastal sisters, when people say "luxury city" they don't dream of the Windy One. They…   Read the Blog

  • Homebuying Tips for Single Women: Understand Home Warranties

    We were thrilled and inspired by the responses we received from all over America when we put the word out we we were searching for tips for single female homebuyers. Many of us at have…   Read the Blog

  • Homebuying Tips for Single Women: Don't Push Your Limits

    Buying a home is a complex process, and it gets even trickier when you’re going solo. Meet women who have purchased homes on their own, and see their advice for other single female homebuyers.   See the Gallery

  • Homebuying Tips for Single Women: Investigate Down Payment Assistance

    This is Stephene Maxwell, a 44-year-old administrative assistant at Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital, in the home she recently purchased. Her service in the Army/National Guard, including a deployment…   See the Image

  • Homebuying Tips for Single Women: See if You Qualify for a Renovation Loan

    Stephanie Carroll of Philadelphia qualified for an FHA 203K loan, which is “a great option for anyone looking to buy a home, but is especially appealing for female buyers because they can customize…   See the Image

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