Business People and Their Homes

  • Steve Wozniak's Postmodern Home

    Nerd hero Steve Wozniak created Apple Computers with Steve Jobs in the 1970s, so he is pretty much the emperor of Silicon Valley. From 1986 until 2006 he lived in a home that he regularly upgraded…   Read the Article

  • Atlanta Homes Connected by 1944 Streetcar

    There’s a lot of buzz about the new Atlanta Streetcar Project that laid its first tracks in May 2013. As we reported earlier, the streetcar line includes 12 stops providing access to popular…   Read the Article

  • Nine Mile Trolley Route

    Published 08/08/13 in Places
    Nine Mile Trolley Route

    This is the original map depicting the route that linked many neighbors throughout the City of Atlanta   See the Image

  • Inside the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple

    Inside the Main Hall of the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple on Wilshire, you'll find one of the three murals painted by building designer Millard Sheets. The hall had been out of use for many years…   See the Image

  • Atlanta's Anthony's Restaurant Circa 2005

    Atlanta's Anthony's restaurant hosted Oscar winner Julia Roberts and now operates under the name 3109 Piedmont Estate and Gardens.   See the Image

  • Dante's Down the Hatch Closes

    Published 07/28/13 in Places
    Dante's Down the Hatch Closes its Doors

    It is with great fondness (and fondue) that we say goodbye to another Atlanta institution this month. After more than four decades of serving up cheesy goodness and hot jazz in a Pirates of the…   Read the Article

  • Atlanta's Petite Auberge Dining Room

    This little house rocks night after night.    See the Image

  • Pittypat's Porch, an Atlanta Tradition

    Doors opened in 1967.    See the Image

  • McKinnon’s Louisiane Restaurant

    Doors open since 1972.    See the Image

  • Dante's Down the Hatch Closes its Doors

    The legendary establishment makes way for another Buckhead high-rise.    See the Image