Business People and Their Homes

  • Atlanta Urban Farming, Matt Liotta

    PodPonics founder Matt Liotta came up with the idea for his company while jobless and shopping for produce.    See the Image

  • Atlanta Urban Farming, No Soil

    PodPonics uses no soil, very little water and can produce a guaranteed yield.    See the Image

  • Atlanta Urban Farming, Electricity

    PodPonics does require a lot of electricity but uses no soil and very little water.    See the Image

  • Chicago is a biking city, for work commute and pleasure, with about 200 miles of bike lanes, the City's Divvy bike sharing system in full swing and 13,000 bike racks around…   Read the Article

  • Now one of the largest open-air street-art installations in the world, the Wynwood Arts District is home to more than 70 art galleries, retail stores, antique shops and bars. Tony Goldman, the…   Read the Article

  • Connie and Ted's Upscale L.A. Clam Shack

    The northeast corner of Havenhurst and Santa Monica in West Hollywood has always been known as the location for one of L.A.’s most storied eateries. First it was Theodore’s Café, and in the…   Read the Article

  • Connie and Ted's Upscale L.A. Clam Shack

    With lively, creative design both inside and out, the folks behind L.A.'s chic Providence prove they can do casual.   See the Gallery

  • Connie and Ted's: WeHo's Hottest New Seafood Spot

    While the busy corner of Santa Monica and Havenhurst has always been the home of celebrity-favored eateries like Theodore's and the Silver Spoon, it hasn't looked this good in decades — if ever.   See the Image

  • Connie and Ted's Unique Wallpaper

    Chef/owner Cimarusti, who originally moved to California from the Eastern Seaboard and worked at L.A.'s Water Grill before creating Providence and now Connie and Ted's, papered the walls with…   See the Image

  • Oodles of Oysters

    Published 10/15/13 in Places
    Oodles of Oysters

    The design of the dishes at Connie and Ted's is as interesting as the building itself. You can get clams, oysters and myriad other seafood delicacies prepared in dozens of different ways, including…   See the Image