Business People and Their Homes

  • When bad boy Don Draper stripped down to a white undershirt to fix a busted kitchen pipe in a tantalizing Mad Men episode, Time magazine columnist Joel Stein was so moved…   Read the Article

  • Developer and investment strategists Akara Partners put down $3.7 million for a property in one of Chicago's trendier neighborhoods, at least trendy for restaurants, bars and access to Mag…   Read the Article

  • Beneath the dark red brick facade of the 13-story Boyce Building on Dearborn and Illinois Streets is a basement compound where Jamie Foxx got busy on a mic for an impromptu set. Celebrities like this…   Read the Article

  • It's back in the news pipeline. Chicago developer Steve Fifield of Fifield Companies has a lot of real estate bandwidth invested in the West Loop – both residential and commercial – and he wants the…   Read the Article

  • Atlanta Urban Farming, No Soil

    Imagine you’re south of Atlanta standing in the middle a vacant lot of red clay -- barren soil where surely nothing can grow. You’re looking for a produce farm called PodPonics but all you see are…   Read the Article

  • Atlanta Urban Farming, Hydroponic Lettuce

    PodPonics produces many different types of lettuce such as arugula and red oak as well as micro-greens.    See the Image

  • Atlanta Urban Farming, Shipping Containers

    PodPonics started with eight shipping containers in a gritty section of Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward.    See the Image

  • Atlanta Urban Farming, Graffiti

    PodPonics founder Matt Liotta said that there first containers located in a parking lot on Ponce de Leon Avenue in Atlanta were "decorated for free."    See the Image

  • Atlanta Urban Farming, New Location

    The new Southside PodPonics location allowed them to increase production ten-fold and provide jobs in a blighted area of Atlanta.    See the Image

  • Atlanta Urban Farming, Science

    PodPonics is the science of hydroponics, farming that can be traced back to the 1600s.    See the Image