• Living Room: Hawaii Bungalow

    The living room of this 500-square-foot bungalow is filled with natural light and opens directly onto the front deck, offering spectacular views of the Hawaiian scenery. The 1-bedroom, 1-bath…   See the Image

  • Kitchen: Hawaii Bungalow

    Published 09/12/13 in Houses
    Kitchen: Hawaii Bungalow

    The 500-square-foot bungalow is cozy, but the kitchen is grand thanks to updated energy-efficient appliances, Silestone countertops, birch cabinets and bamboo flooring. The Kapaa, Hawaii, home is…   See the Image

  • Home Exterior: Hawaii Bungalow

    Located in Kapaa on the island of Kauai, this 500-square-foot home has one bedroom and one bath.   See the Image

  • Deck: Hawaii Bungalow

    Published 09/12/13 in Houses
    Deck: Hawaii Bungalow

    Views most of us can only dream of are a daily fact of life for the owner of this 500-square-foot 1-bedroom, 1-bath bungalow. Lush tropical forests and mountains courtesy of Kapaa, Hawaii.   See the Image

  • Bedroom: Hawaii Bungalow

    Published 09/12/13 in Houses
    Bedroom: Hawaii Bungalow

    Sure, it’s the only bedroom in this 500-square-foot bungalow, but it’s a really nice one. Lots of windows allow lots of natural light to fill the room while offering beautiful views of the…   See the Image

  • Bathroom: Hawaii Bungalow

    Published 09/12/13 in Houses
    Bathroom: Hawaii Bungalow

    When your home only has one bathroom, you want it to impress. This space makes a great first impression thanks to a fashionable vessel sink, and custom marble and travertine tile throughout. The…   See the Image

  • The Resnicks at Home on Fleapop

    Have you ever walked into a designer show room and thought, “I could just live here!” Well, Ross Resnick and his wife Evelyn actually do live in a showroom, and they get to re-design it, bit by…   Read the Article

  • The Resnicks at Home on Fleapop

    This Hollywood Hills home doubles as a showroom for products the savvy owners re-sell on a new home decor website called Fleapop.com   See the Gallery

  • Fleapop TV Wall

    Published 07/23/13 in Houses
    Fleapop TV Wall

    This TV wall and accessories is the perfect example of the Resnick's new modern/retro style. When they tire of it, they'll sell the accessories on their website Fleapop, and probably replace them…   See the Image