• Joshua Tree Desert Retreat

    Sure, everyone likes the thought of an environmentally savvy, less expensive pre-fab home, but does the reality live up to the hype? When some people envision a “manufactured home,” they think of…   Read the Article

  • Joshua Tree Desert Retreat

    Tim Disney found the ideal solution for creating an efficient, yet comfy family vacation home in Joshua Tree.   See the Gallery

  • Desert Retreat Great Room/Kitchen

    The living room area features sliding glass doors, recessed can lighting and tile floors, while the kitchen has a backsplash of Florida glass square tile, plus cabinets in Asian Ash.   See the Image

  • Desert Retreat Guest House

    Published 11/25/13 in Houses
    Desert Retreat Guest House

    The guesthouse studio, known to the Disney's as "Baby Bear," includes a kitchenette and full bathroom, and has Plyboo flooring in Havana Strand, plus cabinetry in Bellini Vogue Squary Wild…   See the Image

  • Desert Retreat Dining Area/Kitchen

    Open living spaces like these help a home with a small footprint feel more spacious. Light colors also help. This is fair-colored flooring is Plyboo in Sahara Strand.   See the Image

  • Desert Retreat Bedroom

    Published 11/25/13 in Houses
    Desert Retreat Bedroom

    Glass doors and clerestory windows let in lots of light to the full-sized bedrooms in the main house.   See the Image

  • Balance Metro Pre-Fab Home

    Published 11/25/13 in Houses
    Balance Metro Pre-Fab Home

    Those who want to construct a pre-fab home on a narrower urban or suburban lot could be interested in Blu's most recent addition, the Balance Metro, with 16-foot high ceilings.   See the Image

  • Pre-Fab Desert Retreat Patio/Deck

    The 'Origin' modules feature corrugated metal siding, cedar sunshades and fiber cement detail, plus Andersen windows and doors and Trex composite decking.   See the Image

  • Joshua Tree Desert Retreat

    Published 11/25/13 in Houses
    Joshua Tree Desert Retreat

    For his mini-compound in the Joshua Tree desert, filmmaker Tim Disney used two pre-fab 'Origins' units joined by a site-built connector.   See the Image

  • Sign Of The Times

    Unless you've been living under a rock (in which case you should be advised – it's probably a very expensive rock), you're aware that the San Francisco Bay Area is in the throes of a full-on…   Read the Article