Bonus Rooms

  • Luxurious Lodge in Telluride, Colo.: Indoor Pool

    The ski-town estate is not short on activities. The property includes a 2-lane indoor commercial shooting range, golf fairway and putting green, and a 75-foot indoor pool alongside a bowling alley.   See the Image

  • Green Bungalow in Portland: Studio

    Upstairs, the bungalow has a hidden gem: a spacious art studio with overhead track lighting, unfinished floors and generous elbow room for the artist in the family.   See the Image

  • Hallway: The Mauretania

    Published 03/26/13 in Celebrity
    Hallway: The Mauretania

    "Why hello, Mr. President..." Celebrity history is so thick here you almost expect to see the ghost of someone famous walking around a corner.   See the Image

  • Garden Sink: Diablo, Calif. Home

    This dream of a garden shed features a farmhouse sink, tiny crystal chandelier and the perfect light to grow orchids.   See the Image

  • Potting Shed: Diablo, Calif. Home

    We’re big fans of the Dutch door, especially in that happy aqua color!   See the Image

  • Sitting Area: Rascal Flatts Guitarist's Nashville Home

    Take a load off in this small, cozily appointed lounge.   See the Image

  • Recording Studio: Rascal Flatts Guitarists's Nashville Home

    A state-of-the-art recording studio comes with the $1.67M property.   See the Image

  • Beauty Salon: Rascal Flatts Guitarist's Nashville Home

    An at-home beauty salon allows family and friends to prep for everything from birthday parties to the CMAs in total privacy.   See the Image

  • Man Cave: Rascal Flatts Guitarist's Nashville Mansion

    Whether you'd like to screen a movie or shoot a quick game of 8 Ball, the man cave is ready for play.   See the Image