Bel Air’s Unique Chateau D’Or Is Back on the Block

Nothing has been spared on this gilded palatial estate on a rare flat lot in Stone Canyon. It has the decor — and the price tag — fit for a king.

Photo courtesy of Jade Mills Estates You can just imagine Marie Antoinette and her court dancing merrily down the front steps of this French-style Bel Air mansion.

There are mansions, and then there are mansions. A property that fits in the latter category has just come back on the market, and this one would make Marie Antoinette, Catherine the Great or even Florida’s “Queen of Versailles” turn green with envy. That would be the renowned Chateau D’Or, a “palatial” residence that is just as lavish as its name.

This one stands out even in tony Bel Air, a Los Angeles suburb known for its over-the-top glamour. And not just because Chateau D'Or is a huge estate: There are 15 bedrooms and 14.5 bathrooms in all. The ornate, gilded decor on just about every wall, ceiling and floor makes America's showcase home, the White House, seem a bit shabby in comparison.

Of course this French-revival style is not for everyone. Built in 1936 and extensively expanded and embellished ever since, the property has been on and off the market in the past couple of years, with prices ranging from $21,995,000 to the current $26,995,000. The most recent price includes two adjacent partials, encompassing about 1.7 acres of flat, usable land, which is rare up in hilly Stone Canyon.

Photo courtesy of Jade Mills Estates No, this is not a formal dining room in a French palace. It's but one of tres ornate rooms in Bel Air's famed Chateau D'Or, and the custom-made furniture is negotiable in the asking price.

And the main house itself is definitely fit for a queen, or maybe showbiz royalty like Liberace. Guests can make a grand entrance in the elaborate foyer, then sweep into the ornate ballroom or sit down to dine in the spacious dining room. There are balconies and chandeliers everywhere, and plenty of handcrafted details throughout, like scrolling wrought iron and gleaming marble and wood floors. Then there is the gold detailing …

The grounds also include a two-story, six-bedroom guesthouse, a separate building with a professional-style fitness center, a 7,500-square-foot cupola-covered pavilion, a swimming pool, spa, koi pond and lighted tennis court. Grand private gates open to a long driveway lined with mature palms and lead to grounds that include ponds, fountains, verandas and European-style grottos.

It’s the perfect spot to film a period drama — an L.A. version of Downton Abbey or Dallas, perhaps? There is also plenty of room there for numerous bachelors, bachelorettes or America's next top models. But then again, heaven help the poor production assistant who scrapes a wall or scratches a floor. One man's dream is another man's nightmare. Viva la difference!

For more information on Chateau D'Or, see Jade Mills Estates

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