Bay Area Gifts for the Design Devotee: We've Got You Covered

Resist the siren song of "Black Friday" and shop locally – really locally.

Photo Courtesy of SFMoma MuseumStore Locals have a special affection for the crowning glory of Twin Peaks, so a DIY aluminum model of it is a must-have. Designed by local architect Laurence Srinivasan, it's made on Howard Street and is as local as it gets. At the SFMoma MuseumStore 

There are many worthy reasons to avoid the mall at this time of year, for your (mental) health and safety if nothing else. Chief among them is this amazing selection of design-heavy gifts with incredible back-stories, all created and sold here in the San Francisco Bay Area, from three retailers near and dear to our hearts.

First up is the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's gift shop. The museum is closed for expansion for two years, but along with its pop-up exhibits around the city, the store will pop up in two locations – one of them opening the day before Thanksgiving, in conjunction with 7x7 Magazine, on Yerba Buena Lane, steps away from the museum site. 

Another marvelous source for the artisan gifts we've become known for is The Grommet, an online shopping site specializing in "products with a story." "There are a few places with an exceptionally high concentration of Makers, and the Bay Area is high on that list," says co-founder Jules Pieri. "The stories from these Makers are endlessly fascinating and they are multiplying exponentially."

And of course, there's Chronicle Books: publisher, bookstores and source of an endless supply of gifts. Founded here in 1967, it focuses heavily on design, with a stated commitment to "spirit, creativity, and value."

Here are out picks from these local retailers practically guaranteed to win the hearts of your toughest gift critic.

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