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Barry Zito's Marin House
Where Barry Zito Makes A Splash
Barry Zito's Courtyard
Barry Zito's Living Room
Barry Zito's Living Room And Kitchen
Barry Zito's Master Bedroom
Barry Zito's Office
Barry Zito's Second Bedroom
Barry Zito's Third Bedroom
Barry Zito's Marin Home
  • Where Barry Zito Makes A Splash

    When the pitcher signed his kabamajillion-dollar deal with the Giants, he bought himself an oasis far from the ballpark. Let's peek inside.   See the Gallery

  • Barry Zito's Wine Cellar

    Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver is known for his Napa Valley winery. Wonder if Zito has any of his bottles in this cellar?    See the Image

  • Barry Zito's Garages

    Published 07/10/13 in Celebrity
    Barry Zito's Garages

    Known for driving a straightforward, dark-tinted Range Rover, Barry has space for as many of them as he wants.    See the Image

  • Barry Zito's One-Bedroom Guesthouse (Inside)

    One of the improvements Zito has made to the property is this sweet guesthouse that shares his view of Phoenix Lake.   See the Image

  • Barry Zito's One-Bedroom Guesthouse (Outside)

    Don't like the windows? Poof! A NanaWall sliding-track system disappears quicker than Zito's fastball, creating the ultimate indoor-outdoor room.    See the Image

  • Barry Zito's Fourth Bedroomb

    The downstairs was also redone, and an outdoor fireplace was added - perfect for the year-round chilly evenings of NorCal.    See the Image

  • Barry Zito's Expansive Lawn

    Like many of the tony estates in the wealthy enclaves of Kentworth and Ross, Zito enjoys privacy within a close-knit community. Ooh, and there's Phoenix Lake!   See the Image

  • Barry Zito's Marin House

    Rumor has it that pitcher Barry Zito will be leaving the two-time world-champion Giants after this season, but his Marin home has been on the market since last year and, despite San Francisco's…   Read the Article