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Hot Architects: William Rawn, Weill Hall
Elbow's Guy Garvey, Manchester Museum
Classic Hollywood Locations: Union Station
Classic Hollywood Locations: TCM/StarLine Tour Bus
Classic Hollywood Locations: Anthony Quinn Wall
Classic Hollywood Locations: Iconic Los Angeles Theater
Classic Hollywood Locations: Movie Star Home
Classic Hollywood Locations: Super Luxe Bus
Classic Hollywood Locations: Bradbury Building Staircase
Classic Hollywood Locations: Bradbury Building Elevator
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  • Classic Hollywood Locations: TCM/StarLine Tour Bus

    Los Angeles residents and tourists alike are usually either stunned or thrilled to find out they’re living, staying, working or shopping in the very same locations where Hollywood legends were…   Read the Blog

  • Classic Hollywood Locations: TCM/StarLine Tour Bus

    In celebration of its 20th anniversary, Turner Classic Movies is sponsoring a free bus tour of iconic Hollywood hot spots. Here are some of the highlights from the TCM Movie Locations Tour.   See the Gallery

  • Classic Hollywood Locations: Hosted by Ben Mankiewicz

    Although TCM host Ben Mankiewicz always appears on screen to guide you on your classic Hollywood locations tour, he's also been known to ride along in person.   See the Image

  • Rayna Jaymes' Nashville Estate

    If you know and love ABC’s Nashville – and who doesn’t? – you’ve probably noticed that the city itself plays a major role in the series. When you see Deacon playing with his puppy on the front…   Read the Blog

  • Rayna Jaymes' Nashville Estate

    ABC's hit TV series was created in and about Tennessee's famous Music City, and the actual locations and sets are full of surprises. Get a peek inside the homes of Rayna Jaymes, Juliette Barnes and…   See the Gallery

  • The Surprising Bluebird Cafe

    Published 02/26/14 in Celebrity
    The Surprising Bluebird Cafe

    Yep – the real, world famous Bluebird Cafe, where huge country stars like Taylor Swift and Garth Brooks got their start, is actually a tiny venue located in an old strip mall.   See the Image

  • Deacon's Nashville Craftsman

    Published 02/26/14 in Celebrity
    Deacon's Nashville Craftsman

    Remember when Scarlett moved out of the house she was sharing with Gunnar, and in with her Uncle Deacon? Well, those two houses are actually located in an old Nashville neighborhood – right next…   See the Image

  • Juliette Barnes' Private Estate

    Fans of ABC's hit series Nashville know that Juliette (played by Hayden Panetierre) moves around a lot. Now in the second season, Juliette is on her third house. This is the exterior of her second…   See the Image

  • The Blue Bird Cafe: Real or Staged?

    Since set designers went to great lengths to exactly duplicate the Blue Bird's interior, even taking the photos and posters off the walls and making copies, it's hard to tell which is real and which…   See the Image

  • Scarlett/Avery/Gunnar's Nashville Cottage

    You can't help but wonder whose name is on the lease of this Nashville cottage, which was first shared by Scarlett and Avery, then Gunnar, and now Will has moved in, on the ABC hit series Nashville.   See the Image