Asian Style Rooms and Homes

  • Living Room: Modern-Rustic Waterfront Retreat

    Floor-to-ceiling windows in the living area of this Asian-inspired home offer views of the property's lush, natural surroundings.   See the Image

  • Exterior: Modern-Rustic Waterfront Retreat

    Serenely situated on 14 wooded acres just an hour outside of Manhattan, this refined rustic New York home maintains a calming presence thanks to its Asian-inspired design.   See the Image

  • Dining Room: Modern-Rustic Waterfront Retreat

    Natural materials and Asian-inspired artwork show the contemporary home's design influence in the dining room.   See the Image

  • Master Bedroom: Modern-Rustic Waterfront Retreat

    With a picturesque seating area and garden views, the Asian-inspired master bedroom looks like a luxurious wooded retreat.   See the Image

  • Bedroom Sitting Area: Modern-Rustic Waterfront Retreat

    The interior color palette of grays, tans, and greens reflect its Asian-inspired design as well as the contemporary home's natural surroundings.   See the Image

  • Master Bathroom: Modern-Rustic Waterfront Retreat

    Overlooking the fern, moss and rock gardens, a circular copper and redwood bathtub gives the master bathroom a huge wow factor.   See the Image