Asian Style Rooms and Homes

  • Asian Inspired

    Published 03/10/14 in Houses
    Asian Inspired

    This multi-paned red door is reminiscent of Asian design. While an interior curtain provides privacy, the glass windows open up the porch area, while the bold red adds a welcoming pop of color.   See the Image

  • Sobban Southern Korean in Decatur, Sake

    Be sure and check out the curated wine list and array of sake.    See the Image

  • Sobban Southern Korean in Decatur, Homemade Sauces

    Most of the sauces, juices and other potions at Sobban are made in-house.    See the Image

  • The MEi is a 22-story condo building in the exclusive Millionaire’s Row neighborhood. Offering a Zen-like atmosphere, the tower features Asian-inspired design elements and cutting-edge technology.   See the Gallery

  • Zen-like designs and detailing are present throughout the interior and outdoor living spaces.   See the Image

  • Pool: MEi Miami Beach

    Published 09/24/13 in Places

    Cool off from a hot night out on the town in the sparkling pool.   See the Image

  • Meditation Space: Harmony Mountain Estate in Waverly, Pa.

    A meditation space is hidden off the master suite.   See the Image

  • Crooked in Chinatown

    Published 07/17/13 in Places
    Crooked in Chinatown

    The only way up to Grant Street is to huff and puff straight up a sidewalk. By the time tourists get there, they've earned their sesame balls.    See the Image

  • Collection Room: Asian Contemporary Home in Scottsdale, Ariz.

    Attention art aficionados: This contemporary Scottsdale estate was designed with the serious art collector in mind. Just look at the home’s impressive collection room built to museum standards,…   Read the Blog

  • Living Room: Asian Contemporary Home in Scottsdale, Ariz.

    Not only does this Scottsdale, Ariz., home come with a museum-quality collection room, it’s practically a work of art itself with sleek, stylish interiors and a Zen-like backyard.   See the Gallery