Art Deco Style

  • Conservatory: Chicago Townhouse

    Floor-to-ceiling windows in the sun-filled conservatory frame views of the lush, private backyard.   See the Image

  • Conservatory Windows: Chicago Townhouse

    Opaque curtains and shades keep the conservatory bright and sunny but reduce the harsh glares.   See the Image

  • Bedroom Fireplace: Chicago Townhouse

    The bedroom features the same art deco-inspired metal fireplaces surround used in the living room.   See the Image

  • Bedroom: Chicago Townhouse

    Published 03/18/13 in Houses
    Bedroom: Chicago Townhouse

    Art deco influences appear throughout the home including the sleek lines of the light fixtures in the master bedroom.   See the Image

  • Bathroom: Chicago Townhouse

    Glossy, green tiled walls and curving copper sinks lend an art deco vibe to the master bathroom.   See the Image

  • Art Deco Architecture

    Published 03/15/13 in Places
    Art Deco Architecture

    Miami is known for its famed Art Deco architecture, going back to the Miami Vice 1980s and the pink, black and turquoise of the South Beach scene. But another style has been gaining recognition in …   See the Image

  • Streamline Moderne Style: The Mauretania

    Built in 1934, this art deco building has housed a number of prominent people, most notably John F. Kennedy, who stayed there while he was running for president in 1960.   See the Gallery

  • Sitting Area: The Mauretania

    Some buildings in L.A. are just overflowing with celebrity history. Such is the case with the Mauretania in the Larchmont/Hollywood area, built by architect and set designer Milton J. Black in the…   Read the Article

  • Exterior: Chicago Townhouse

    Known for its bold geometric shapes, smooth curves and high-gloss finishes, art deco architecture flourished internationally during the 1930s and '40s. This glam style can mostly be found in…   Read the Blog

  • Westhope, a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece, was built for his cousin in the art deco style in 1929.

    See examples of the art deco architectural style and famous art deco landmarks.   See the Gallery