Art Deco Style

  • Beautiful Exterior: The Mauretania

    Artistic types have always been drawn to the Mauretania, and over the years you could have heard composers working on tunes from Shrek or the Madonna hit Like a Virgin wafting from the windows…   See the Image

  • Bucolic Setting in the City: The Mauretania

    While the Mauretania appears to be in a fairly bucolic setting, it's actually on Hollywood's busy Rossmore Avenue, which a few blocks north is known as "Vine" of the famed "Hollywood…   See the Image

  • Streamline Moderne Style: The Mauretania

    The Mauretania building in Los Angeles is a classic example of the Streamline Moderne style that emerged during the '30s, which was influenced by principles of modern aerodynamics to reduce air…   See the Image

  • Bathroom Sink: The Mauretania

    Imagine what it would be like to shave at the same mirror and use the same sink that President John F. Kennedy used!   See the Image

  • Conservatory: Chicago Townhouse

    Get glam in this East Lincoln Park home filled with classic details and modern luxuries.   See the Gallery

  • Living Room Fireplace: Chicago Townhouse

    In the living room, the sleek metal fireplace surround shows the urban home's art deco architecture.   See the Image

  • Living Room: Chicago Townhouse

    Wood panels and crown molding frame the living room walls in this early 20th-century home.   See the Image

  • Kitchen: Chicago Townhouse

    Published 03/18/13 in Houses
    Kitchen: Chicago Townhouse

    In the kitchen, polished materials such as copper and stainless steel hint at the home's art deco style.   See the Image

  • Family Room: Chicago Townhouse

    Two levels of windows allow sunlight to stream into the open living room.   See the Image

  • Family Room Above: Chicago Townhouse

    The home's second story offer's a bird's eye view of the open living area.   See the Image