Art Deco Style

  • A key feature of living in SoFi is the opportunity to walk to world-class restaurants like Prime 112, a favorite hang out of professional athletes and movie stars.    See the Image

  • Balcony Detail: The Mauretania

    Bold geometric shapes, like these circles that spill over the balcony and flow over the wall at the Mauretania, are typical art deco design features.   See the Image

  • Window Seat: The Mauretania

    Published 03/26/13 in Celebrity
    Window Seat: The Mauretania

    You'll find convex-curved metal corner windows in a lot of buildings designed in the art deco style. The Mauretania has them in abundance.   See the Image

  • Wraparound Deck: The Mauretania

    The larger units on the upper floors of the Mauretania, like the ones John F. Kennedy and Ernest Borgnine rented, have large, wraparound decks that are perfect for entertaining the Hollywood crowd or…   See the Image

  • Kitchen: The Mauretania

    Published 03/26/13 in Celebrity
    Kitchen: The Mauretania

    Original art deco tile in bold, diverse color schemes can be found in almost all the kitchens and bathrooms throughout the Mauretania. They really give you a feeling of old, Hollywood glamor.   See the Image

  • Updated Appliances: The Mauretania

    Although the tile is original from the art deco period, the kitchens have been upgraded with modern appliances.   See the Image

  • Beautiful Exterior: The Mauretania

    Artistic types have always been drawn to the Mauretania, and over the years you could have heard composers working on tunes from Shrek or the Madonna hit Like a Virgin wafting from the windows…   See the Image

  • Bucolic Setting in the City: The Mauretania

    While the Mauretania appears to be in a fairly bucolic setting, it's actually on Hollywood's busy Rossmore Avenue, which a few blocks north is known as "Vine" of the famed "Hollywood and Vine."   See the Image

  • Streamline Moderne Style: The Mauretania

    The Mauretania building in Los Angeles is a classic example of the Streamline Moderne style that emerged during the '30s, which was influenced by principles of modern aerodynamics to reduce air…   See the Image

  • Bathroom Sink: The Mauretania

    Imagine what it would be like to shave at the same mirror and use the same sink that President John F. Kennedy used!   See the Image