Art Deco Style

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Denver's Crawford Hotel
Denver's Crawford Hotel, Loft Bedroom
Denver's Crawford Hotel, Exterior
Denver's Crawford Hotel, King Suite
Denver's Crawford Hotel, Bathroom
Denver's Crawford Hotel, Classic Room
Kansas City's Raphael Hotel, Front Door
Denver's Historic Oxford Hotel, Spa Lobby
Denver's Historic Oxford Hotel, Presidential Suite Living Room
  • Miami and Miami Beach have come a long way since Miami Vice made its NBC-TV debut in September 1984. The Miami Herald reminds us that those were the days when the city was still reeling…   Read the Blog

  • Denver's Union Station

    Like many major cities across the United States, in the 1980s downtown Denver suffered from severe blight and many historic structures were boarded up and abandoned. Preservationists watched in…   Read the Blog

  • Denver's Historic Oxford Hotel, Front Door

    This is the hotel's front entrance looking towards Union Station. Part of the seven-year renovation included recreating the ubiquitous beacon.    See the Image

  • Denver's Historic Oxford Hotel, Deluxe Room

    It's hard to believe that such deluxe accommodations were once boarding facilities for miners coming from Union Station.    See the Image

  • Denver's Historic Oxford Hotel, Cruise Room, 1930s

    This room was transformed in the 1930s into an Art Deco masterpiece and was the first Denver bar to reopen following the repeal of the 18th Amendment. According to the Pulitzer Prize-winning…   See the Image

  • Denver's Historic Oxford Hotel, Bathroom

    The hotel went through a $12 million renovation that lasted seven years. We love the attention that was paid to historic details, especially the romantic claw foot tubs.    See the Image

  • Denver's Historic Oxford Hotel, Double Sinks

    The $12 million renovation was completed in 1983 and no historic detail was overlooked. Today, the larger rooms feature double sinks.    See the Image

  • Denver's Historic Oxford Hotel, Presidential Bedroom

    The presidential suite has played host to President Bill Clinton and his wife, the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Robert Redford, Kid Rock and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, just to name a…   See the Image

  • Denver's Historic Oxford Hotel, Earlier Days

    This image was taken during the hotel's boom time. It would see many economic changes, and the area was even once a Skid Row. Lower Downtown, or LoDo for those in know, thrives once again.   See the Image

  • Denver's Historic Oxford Hotel, Lobby

    After a seven year renovation, the lobby was restored to its former historic glory and boasts an incredible collection of art. Many artists who came out West traded works for longterm lodging and bar…   See the Image