• All-in-one summer splash with this home's combined diving pool, lap pool and hot tub. To the right, wrought iron outdoor dining set to gather for the critical downtime. The food prep and serving…   See the Image

  • Just a reminder: there are nearly five acres of private landscaped grounds to enjoy, not at all unusual for these northern estates. Lake Forest has one of the highest concentrations of signature…   See the Image

  • One of seven bedrooms, the master bedroom suite has the type of floor plan that captivates us over and over again. Two space divisions, the fireplace and television module separating the sleep…   See the Image

  • What's your first impression? Ours was betwixt and between a gauzy dream and a kind of operatic bath. We actually wouldn't be surprised to see a dessert cart (and a champagne list) here. The home has…   See the Image

  • Do you remember Keck noted the original owner had music as a priority? Then you'll understand why that gleaming upright piano poked our music trivia reflex and we can't help reporting Cole Porter's…   See the Image

  • Spacious 44' x 30' living room in the Keck-designed B.J. Cahn home. In the design notes of the book Classic Modern Homes of the Thirties, Keck, who built homes mindful of the…   See the Image

  • Lilac upholstered chair and tube-pillowed creamy-toned sectional couch act as subtle color strokes in this family room (or screening room, if you prefer). This circular, rounded motif, in the…   See the Image

  • A longer view of the flowing path that includes this eight-seat bar. We ask you, isn't this lounge space, with its captivating retro chrome, mirrored backdrop and recessed lighting design, on par…   See the Image

  • Best Stadiums, Queen Elizabeth Park, Closing Ceremony

    Staged on the archaic plains of Olympia, the first ancient Olympic Games can be traced all the way back to 776 B.C. The Games were dedicated to the Olympian gods and continued for nearly 12…   Read the Blog