• MAD Architects planned city-scale project, the Nanjing Zendai Himalayas Center, is bold, complex, elegant and imaginative. Built on a 2,600-year-old site of Nanjing, the firm is designing a…   See the Image

  • MAD Architect's Hongluo Club House in the Villa District in Beijing off Hongluo Lake. Even looking at the image produces a calming effect, one the architects achieved bycontinuous, flowing,…   See the Image

  • MAD Architects Wood Sculpture Museum measures meters in length and gleams with polished steel. They incorporate these reflective surfaces as a repeating motif and the designers point this building in…   See the Image

  • Chicago Gang Architects renovated the historic 475,000-square-foot, 330-room Shoreland  Hotel into an apartment building. Built in 1925 during the hey-day of the Jazz Age, with…   See the Image

  • Chicago Gang Solar-Carved Tower, New York. The concept was to sculpt a building using light -- the sun's rays -- to create form. Yes, form from light.  The architects describe the structure…   See the Image

  • This unbuilt winner is from the design team of  Collingwood, Australia's John Wardle Architects and Boston's NADAAA  for the 170,000-square-foot Faculty of Architecture…   See the Image

  • The proposed Soccer Centre at St. Michel Environmental Complex in Montreal is a 136,000-square-foot enclosed field. The cantilevered roof folds down over the field, much like a gigantic…   See the Image

  • Portland, Ore.-based Allied Works Architecture took a 1905 historic King Edward Hotel building and proposed a conversion to a massive, regal National Music Center in Alberta, Calgary for…   See the Image

  • Sleek as a train or ship (or giant shoe?), the Kaohsiung Port Terminal from New York–based RUR Architecture, is designed as a contiguous, elevated continuous, promenade aligned…   See the Image