• The Kamermaker 3D Printer

    Published 06/26/14 in Houses

    The Kamermaker "room-builder" 3D printer on display. Imagine having one of these in your town, available to print the pieces of your tailor-made kitchen and bedroom, your living room with…   See the Image

  • 3-D Canal House by Night

    Published 06/20/14 in Houses

    Light twinkling off water at the 3D Printed Canal House in Amsterdam. It's a massive, brilliant project to bring architecture, design and building into the 21st century using a technology that's…   See the Image

  • Take a look at the models for ideas. Expect to see the large-scale, finished product popping up around the world. One thing to consider: 3D printing has opened a new branch of architectural design --…   See the Image

  • According to DUS Architects, the 3D printed Canal House is made "biobased raw materials." This presents an affordable, timely solution to revitalize and rebuild regions hit by natural…   See the Image

  • For decades, the Emil Bach, a 1915, 2,700-square-foot, late Prairie two-story, teetered on the edge of demolition threats, zoning beefs with the city and a market re-thinking the value of…   Read the Blog

  • Frank Lloyd Wright's fully restored 1915 landmark Emil Bach home in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood in the North Shore has opened as a mini-vacation spot, special events hub and tour attraction.   See the Gallery

  • Emil Bach House living room. That ottoman centerpiece is calling you, isn't it? Here's the trademark details of a Wright Prairie style. The wooden benches, brick fireplace as focal point and an open…   See the Image

  • Emil Bach Formal Dining Room. Does your eye cast over to that blast of yellow leaf fan and bronze base decorative lamp on the right? We can't take our eyes off it either. If you've never toured a…   See the Image

  • Another angle of that glorious sun room and lounge in the Emil Bach House. Now owned by Col. Pritzker's Tawani Enterprises the compact Wright is in the hands of a "dedicated…   See the Image

  • Window seat benches. We never tire of these built-ins and this delightful garden plus pillows is a knockout. Smart, that oval table on coasters and the plush, low, electric blue coffee table (or…   See the Image