• Portland, Ore.-based Allied Works Architecture took a 1905 historic King Edward Hotel building and proposed a conversion to a massive, regal National Music Center in Alberta, Calgary for…   See the Image

  • Sleek as a train or ship (or giant shoe?), the Kaohsiung Port Terminal from New York–based RUR Architecture, is designed as a contiguous, elevated continuous, promenade aligned…   See the Image

  • The location is downtown Los Angeles, on Grand Avenue and close to Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall tangle of steel, is designed for a dual-purpose: as art exhibit space and archive for the Broad Art…   See the Image

  • What is that cube? It's Mexico City–based Rojkind Arquitectos idea for the Liverpool Department Store, a 3-D, hexagonal, honeycomb facade made of steel-framed aluminum and fiberglass.…   See the Image

  • What if we can 3D print housing for 7 billion people? These Dutch architects say it’s possible.“We were already printing with the smaller printers for a long time,” says Hedwig Heinsman of Amsterdam…   Read the Blog

  • The race for the first 3D printed house has lots of competition, with the DUS Architects of Amsterdam building its 3D Printed Canal House, now open for tours.   See the Gallery

  • Visitors take in a tour of the 3D Printed Canal House. If you haven't played with 3D printing technology, now is a great time to begin. You can shop online for open source designs for jewelry,…   See the Image

  • President Barack Obama was at Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam for a personal tour of the Next Big Thing in 3D. The DUS Architects envision 3D printing technology as the 21st century housing solution…   See the Image

  • The Kamermaker 3D Printer

    Published 06/26/14 in Houses

    The Kamermaker "room-builder" 3D printer on display. Imagine having one of these in your town, available to print the pieces of your tailor-made kitchen and bedroom, your living room with…   See the Image

  • 3-D Canal House by Night

    Published 06/20/14 in Houses

    Light twinkling off water at the 3D Printed Canal House in Amsterdam. It's a massive, brilliant project to bring architecture, design and building into the 21st century using a technology that's…   See the Image