• Take a tour of the Robert G. Emmond House, one of Frank Lloyd Wright's eight known "bootleg" houses in Chicago.   See the Gallery

  • Wright had a fairly extensive style-bag as evidenced by the early Queen Anne-inspired Emmond House. This "bootleg" Wright is back on the market, priced under a million at $919,000.   See the Image

  • Does this window seating feel more Prairie-styled, more like an interior of Wright's? He deploys a trademark in the Arts and Crafts homes with these leaded windows, some arched, and upholstered…   See the Image

  • This is one of the restored porches and it's a pretty good fill-in as a sun room. La Grange is commutable, about 13 miles west of Chicago and it has some star power: David Hasselhoff of…   See the Image

  • If you don't mind living in the angles, as it were, this master bedroom presents unusual flair (and a decorating challenge). The designer settles on keeping it clean and light with a not-too-fussy…   See the Image

  • Look at how Wright is able to soften and add curves to the boxy angles of this room. With this longer view including the white-washed columns of the grand entry, it reveals the windows, window…   See the Image

  • The Emmonds House won the 2008 Richard E. Driehaus Foundation award for preservation. All of the textiles, furnishings and color are restored its original design, as seen here in the olive and…   See the Image

  • The house sits on a lot over 13,500 square feet, premium space in the historic section of La Grange. According to Chicago cultural historian Tim Samuelson, Wright's early work pulled and meshed forms…   See the Image

  • It's the dark, woody furnishing and contrasting olive walls that bring this dining room into a recognizable Wright catalog. Ample light and jutting lines on this first floor formal parlor. Notice the…   See the Image

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    Here at FrontDoor we don’t discriminate when it comes to design and architecture. While some of us dream of owning a grand antebellum with large white columns, others are mad for sleek minimalist…   Read the Article