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  • What if we can 3D print housing for 7 billion people? These Dutch architects say it’s possible.“We were already printing with the smaller printers for a long time,” says Hedwig Heinsman of Amsterdam…   Read the Blog

  • The race for the first 3D printed house has lots of competition, with the DUS Architects of Amsterdam building its 3D Printed Canal House, now open for tours.   See the Gallery

  • For decades, the Emil Bach, a 1915, 2,700-square-foot, late Prairie two-story, teetered on the edge of demolition threats, zoning beefs with the city and a market re-thinking the value of…   Read the Blog

  • Frank Lloyd Wright's fully restored 1915 landmark Emil Bach home in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood in the North Shore has opened as a mini-vacation spot, special events hub and tour attraction.   See the Gallery

  • These used to be called "receiving rooms" back in the day. The home has three bedrooms and a sun room on the second floor. This was brick maker Emil Bach's prized home and personal…   See the Image

  • Exterior: Emil Bach House in Rogers Park. Harboe Architects, an experienced and lauded firm with a project portfolio including many of Chicago's iconic buildings, were recruited for the exterior and…   See the Image

  • Emil Bach House dining room & lounge area. The summery white against a knotty wood background is an unusual and unexpected decor ensemble for a Wright home. A sharp contrast from the more muted…   See the Image

  • Another angle of the fabulous white-on-knotted-wood lounge area. Here you can see the light fixtures and a touch of wicker for texture. Harboe Architects performed the restoration with the clear…   See the Image

  • Fontainebleau: Morris Lapidus-Inspired Bow Ties

    Bow tie-shaped brownies are sold at Solo, the resort's coffee and pastry shop.   See the Image

  • Atlanta Architects

    Published 04/25/14 in Places

    Choosing the right home architect is more serious than joining Think of the architect as your matchmaker, the person who can translate all your wants, needs and desires to the one thing…   Read the Article