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  • His work is a photogenic favorite of art directors. Architect John Lautner (1911-1994), one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s first apprentices at his Wisconsin studios at Taliesin East in 1938, fused a…   Read the Blog

  • A look at his famous, landmark homes featured in films, from the sexy James Bond pad in "Diamonds Are Forever" to the cult classic crib in "The Big Lebowski."   See the Gallery

  • Architect Magazine's 61th annual Progressive Architecture Awards had some mind-bending unbuilt designs, from a 3-D honeycomb department store in Mexico City (take a look at this in the gallery), to a…   Read the Blog

  • Each year, Architect Magazine names Best-of- the-Best of the unbuilt projects for its Progressive Architecture Awards. Here's a look at 7 ingenious designs.   See the Gallery

  • It's happened and it's real. After a global search, a contentious West Coast-Third Coast battle for the proposed $1 billion project, Chicago captured the prestigious Lucas Museum of…   Read the Blog

  • MAD Architects in Beijing and Studio Gang in Chicago were chosen as the design duo for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, a $1 billion museum to be built in Chicago. Take a look at some of the…   See the Gallery

  • MAD Architects planned city-scale project, the Nanjing Zendai Himalayas Center, is bold, complex, elegant and imaginative. Built on a 2,600-year-old site of Nanjing, the firm is designing a…   See the Image

  • MAD Architect's Hongluo Club House in the Villa District in Beijing off Hongluo Lake. Even looking at the image produces a calming effect, one the architects achieved bycontinuous, flowing,…   See the Image

  • MAD Architects Wood Sculpture Museum measures meters in length and gleams with polished steel. They incorporate these reflective surfaces as a repeating motif and the designers point this building in…   See the Image

  • Chicago Gang Architects renovated the historic 475,000-square-foot, 330-room Shoreland  Hotel into an apartment building. Built in 1925 during the hey-day of the Jazz Age, with…   See the Image